How Ping Expert Works

It is simple. You paste the url’s you want to ping in the box below and we ping them for you. There is no need to keep the browser window open as the service runs on our server. Ping Expert is the only online ping tool that allows you to spread the pinging of your url’s over a maximum of 99 days. This ensures that there will be a steady link velocity in the eyes of the search engines and thus eliminating the risk of sandboxing or the Google dance.

Pinging is valuable for:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • General internet marketing
  • Indexing of backlinks
  • Ranking of new websites


Url's to ping

Services to ping   Feed Burner   Syndic8   NewsGator   My Yahoo!   Blogdigger   BlogStreet   Weblogalot
  Icerocket   News Is Free   Topic Exchange   Google Blog Search   Spinn3r   PostRank   SkyGrid   Collecta   Superfeedr

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